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 Just for fun....Mrs Butterworth.

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Dennis Bazzell

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PostSubject: Just for fun....Mrs Butterworth.   Sat Feb 28, 2009 1:56 pm

Mrs Butterworth

Strangers and pilgrims on the earth
Not as famous as Mrs. Butterworth
Not as strong as Mr. Clean
Cannot sing like Jimmy Dean

Who am I? I ask myself
Feeling small as a Keebler Elf
Instant replay of my life
Shows Iím more like Barney Fife

If just once I could soar across the sky
And save Polly Purebred before I die
Or have a heart to heart with Mr. Ed
Just once or twice before Iím dead

If I could only belt a baseball
Or make a deal with Monte Hall
I would laugh and dance and sing
Ali couldnít touch me in the ring

To my ego it seems so vital
To perform on American Idol
I donít necessarily have to win
Just know Iím loved by Rin Tin Tin

Popeye says, ďI am what I amĒ
But maybe heíd rather be Superman
If we really knew the truth
Clark Kent may have longed to be Babe Ruth

What do you think Babe Ruth would want?
To be Abe Lincoln or General Grant?
If I could be any or all of these things
Iíd have to give up my own blessings

All good things come from above
I wouldnít have all the stuff I love
My wife, my kids or even my cat
I hadnít thought much about that

To be someone else you take the whole package
Their problems, worries and psychological baggage
Superman puts up a pretty good fight
But probably has nightmares about kryptonite

I have a sneaking hunch
Underdog has Alpo for lunch
I am the child God has spoiled
Or I would be married to Olive Oil

Though Iím not fast as Ricochet Rabbit
Being me has become a habit
The only thing I should want to be
Is more like Jesus; less like me.

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Just for fun....Mrs Butterworth.
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