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 "all sanction of the use and sale of alcoholic beverages"

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Dr. Grandaddy

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PostSubject: "all sanction of the use and sale of alcoholic beverages"   Fri Apr 17, 2009 1:54 am

The FWB Treatise and Covenant address this among some other issues that are there in each generation in one form or another. "All sanction" does not mean that if one buys from a store that sells it, one is sanctioning the use and sale any more than paying ones income taxes is sanctioning abortion on demand. Both the store and the gov't use some of the money for such things, of course. But my use of the money when I had it was for "legitimate" needs, e.g., food, medicine, services, etc. When I purchased the legitimate items I used the money as it should be. But when I purchased those items or paid my taxes, the money ceased to be my money. It became their money. What they do with it then is their responsibility since it's their money. The same has been true in every generation, including our FWB fore fathers who had to reason through the same issues. There were things that were different in some respects as to extent, but the same processes were in place then as well as now.

This same principle applies across the board with "being in the world but not of the world". If one buys gasoline is he supporting Islamic terrorists, jihad, nuclear arms in Iran, etc. since we purchase most of our oil and hence our gasoline from the Arab oil cartel? Certainly not. My money purchases gasoline. What they do with the money when it becomes theirs is another issue.
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"all sanction of the use and sale of alcoholic beverages"
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