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 Military Appreciation and Unknown Heroes

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PostSubject: Military Appreciation and Unknown Heroes   Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:39 am

I am always blessed and humbled whenever someone sees my uniform and thanks me “for my service.” I am always blessed because I see how appreciative people are and how much they support us. I am always humbled because I am a chaplain and a Soldier by the grace of God and I am so thankful that God and Free Will Baptists allow me this great and awesome privilege of serving “God and Country” and our Soldiers and their Families.

I am thankful for the support and appreciation but there are some “heroes” who often go unnoticed. They often go unnoticed because they don’t wear a uniform, but are heroes just the same. These unknown heroes are our Family members. Our Families are the true heroes because they follow us around the world as we move every two or three years, endure the multiple long deployments and separations (I have been separated from my Family for over 3 ˝ out of the last 10 years), and endure along with us the many hardships and sacrifices that so often accompany military life.

In so many ways it is easier for the Soldier than for the spouse and children left at home. Imagine being separated from your spouse for 12-15 months, being afraid for the doorbell to ring, being on the phone during a rocket attack, dealing with his TBI (traumatic brain injury), wondering if you will ever see your Soldier alive again, and living with his months of combat stress and nightmares after he finally redeploys back home. Imagine doing all this and still loving and supporting your Soldier.

So, the next time you see a Soldier in uniform with a military spouse or Family member at church, in the mall or airport, don’t forget to thank the Family members for their service. Also, if you know a military spouse or Family member whose Soldier is deployed, don’t forget to pray for them and constantly check on them. Don’t forget them. They are true heroes, uniform or no uniform!

I am proud to a FWB Chaplain and Soldier and proud of my heroes at home. I am currently a CGSC (Command & General Staff College) student at Ft. Gordon, GA. This views are my own and do not represent the official views of the United States Army but they are still true anyway. Smile

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Military Appreciation and Unknown Heroes
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