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 Church membership

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PostSubject: Church membership   Sun Dec 04, 2011 6:00 am

First, I hope this forum is still open and active. There are a lot of weird sites out there dealing with "religion", so it's good to see one which is Bible believing. I had intended to respond to one of the other posts on church membership, but decided to start a new thread. I think the question centered around getting people to commit to church membership. The sticking point for me is that it doesn't seem to be enough to join a church. I would love to attend a good in-depth Bible study and preaching sermon on Sunday evenings. But, I suspect what would happen. We would be pressured to attend Sunday School, worship service, Sunday evening Discipleship, Sunday evening service, maybe even choir, and practice for the next Easter or Christmas play. There might be some sort of other activities such as dinners and sports also. What started out as a joyful and simple experience with the Lord has been loaded down with human activities. At our last church (Southern Baptist) a problem arose with people taking sides, so we left. We were not directly involved and did not wish to be. Things had not been going good for us anyway. We asked the leadership to start an adult Bible Study, but it didn't happen. I was told by one leader that he couldn't get them to change. Our Sunday school lessons were ok, but they seemed to repeat on a yearly basis, and we were rushed to get through each weeks lesson, so we really didn't get a chance to discuss the lesson. It seemed like we always had to meet some sort of deadline. Our teacher was great by the way. It seemed to me that the preaching sermons were becoming more and more verbal assaults than anything. I am well aware of how sinful I am. I really am. I wish the preachers would teach more. After leaving, I started my own Bible studies using the Freewill Baptist CLEAR series, and I believe it to be the best I've come across. I am very happy doing this, but wish I could find a group to study with. I am a former FWB having left only beacuse I moved to a different part of the county that doesn't have a FWB church around. I'm thinking about attending a FWB church on the opposite end of the county, but the distance may prohibit us from attending every service. Of course that brings me back to the pressure thing. I love the FWB denomination but I really wish it was more bending in just accepting people to be there when they can. I'm not trying to berate, just let you see things from my perspective. Have a Blessed day.
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Church membership
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